Walking on Roof: Can it Damage Your Roof? 

Have you ever been interested in going out on top of your roof to enjoy the great view it could give you? If yes, you have possibly heard that doing this is not recommendable since it could damage your roof. But is it really true or is it just a rumor? Your roof is made to endure rain, snow, winds, or any harsh weather after all. Basically, some footsteps could not do any harm to it. In this article, we will find out whether that claim is true or not. 

Asphalt shingles 

The mostly used roof material is asphalt shingles since they are inexpensive, easy to produce, light-weight, and efficient when it comes to protecting homes from harm. Even though it looks durable once they are still new, this type of material will eventually become more dented as expected due to their contact with the elements. Meaning, your tiles could become brittle, rigid, and susceptible to breaking or cracking after a few years. If you step on them, there’s a chance that it will worsen the problem because several tiles would break and crack. 

Wood and clay tiles 

In terms of foot traffic, clay tiles are worse compared to asphalt shingles. Even though these tiles are fabricated under high-temperature ovens from supplies made to help them resist several years under the exposure of sunlight and other elements, clay tiles are very brittle and they might break even a slight sudden and sharp impact. Once a tile is broken, it leaves an open area underneath that should be fixed by a professional roofing contractor before the rain comes. Otherwise, your house will be enduring severe damage. 

Shingles or wood tiles are also well-used as a roofing material because of its natural and aesthetic look. But, these tiles are basically similar. Though they are reliable when it comes to protecting a home under the sun for decades, stepping on them could put them at major hazard for developing leaks and cracking. Those hazards could destruct your entire home.  

Risk of being physically injured 

Apart from the risk that your roof could get, a lot of people does not realize that there is a great possibility that they can be physically injured by climbing out onto your roof shingles and tiles. The roof slopes are especially steep to support debris and water to roll off your roof and to move farther from your home. The similar steep slope could also make it very challenging to walk on. Every year, a lot of people gets severe injuries from falling off their roofs because of steep slopes. For this, stepping on your roof must always be entrusted to expert roofers who can apply the right safety tools to prevent having an injury.  

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